Company Overview

The Coarse Hair Diary is a hair care blog geared towards Women of Color. Founded in June 2007, the website began as a personal blog but soon evolved into a movement. Yielding over 10,000+ unique visitors a month, The Coarse Hair Diary has become a resource for Women of Color to gain knowledge on obtaining healthier and longer hair.

Mission Statement

To help women of color grow healthy and longer hair by providing valuable information and honest product reviews.

Blog Authors

The wonderful team members of The Coarse Hair Diary.


Belle Cheveux

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Christine (or more commonly known as Belle Cheveux) is an undergraduate student, artist, and healthy hair care enthusiast. Whether relaxed or natural, she has been able to help tens of thousands of women reach their healthy hair goals. Since 2006, she has gone from neck length relaxed hair to mid-back length relaxed hair and is now all-natural!

Christine does regular product reviews, gives hair care advice, and more on The Coarse Hair Diary. She also shares her monthly natural hair progress.


Jacquette Smith

An East. St. Louis, IL native, Jacquette “Ms. Quetta” Smith is an author who writes regularly for www.nappystl.com. She has a BA in English and future aspirations of publishing her first novel. Nappy and the City is a natural hair care blog that chronicles her “Natural Hair” journey and has features on various hair products, local salon reviews, and interviews with other natural women who love all things nappy. Jacquette currently lives in St. Louis, MO.


miss Fizzy

Miss Fizzy is a graduate student studying something really dull and would rather spend her days playing in her afro. She runs the blog Chaotic Order and also co-runs Leave in the Kinks in between classes, setting up her business, playing with her hair and generally being fabulous.

You can find out more about Miss Fizzy’s natural hair journey at http://leaveinthekinks.blogspot.com and about Miss Fizzy at http://fizzychaoticorder.blogspot.com.


lady J

Lady J is the kind of chick you can usually find trying to learn something new. She’s learning about all this new natural hair on her head, learning how to make words dance and sing in her poetry and is also back at school to learn how to do her job in two other languages. Most recently, she has had her nose stuck in her MacBook, trying to learn how to improve and add to her new blog Pen to Pages (www.pentopages.blogspot.com)