How Can I Keep My Hair Healthy During Pregnancy?

Most of the pregnant womens get ever-increasing challenges to take care of their overall health and development of their baby. This is because chemical based products and different types of pollutions in their routine life. It is the suitable time to find and use the best shampoo for pregnancy recommended by experts in the shampoos. As a pregnant woman, you have to be conscious about how you take care of your hair and scalp every day. You can prefer and use the first-class nature of the shampoo made of pregnancy safe ingredients. If you get any doubt regarding this shampoo, then you can directly contact the customer support team in the shop selling such shampoo or company behind the production of such shampoo product. You have to make clear your doubts and ensure about every aspect of the pregnancy safe shampoo.

How Can I Keep My Hair Healthy During Pregnancy?

How to enhance your hair and scalp

Enhancing the hair care activities during the pregnancy is one of the most challenging things faced by many people worldwide in recent years. Though different brands of shampoos and hair conditioners are available on the market, pregnant women are advised to choose, buy and use the shampoo safe for their pregnancy.

Regular updates of renowned brands of shampoos on online give you enough assistance and encourage you to directly choose and buy one of these shampoos while on the go. On the other hand, you have to research the shampoos at any time you understand the overall significance of using the safe shampoo. You can contact and consult with specialists in the latest collection of pregnancy safe hair care products in particular shampoos. You will choose and buy the suitable shampoo without any difficulty.

Pregnant women mostly search for anti-dandruff shampoos with an aim to get rid of their dandruff and other scalp problems devoid of any negative side effect. They have to avoid using the ordinary anti-dandruff shampoo on the market. This is because some chemical ingredients of this shampoo affect their health and growing baby. Companies specialized in the production of the shampoo for pregnancy these days have a commitment to providing the cheap and first-class shampoos made of high-quality ingredients safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

There are loads of important things to consider at any time you get ready for buying the best suitable shampoo. For example, you can consider the reputation of the brand, quality of every ingredient, cost, usage instructions, safe for pregnant women and recommendations from experts in the shampoos and suggestions from happy user’s in particular pregnant women.

The best suitable shampoo for pregnant women

Heavy metals and chemicals in anti-dandruff and other categories of hair and scalp care products on the market these days are dangerous to both pregnant women and the growing baby. You may have used any of these products and think about whether these products cause any harm to your baby. You have to immediately contact your doctor and discuss about how to successfully take care of your health and make certain about the overall healthy development of your baby.

Leading brands of cheap and best products with the pregnancy safe nature these days catch the attention of almost every pregnant woman and encourage such women to find and order one of these shampoos. Clear details about the first-class yet affordable shampoos nowadays give you the complete guidance and enhance your approach to pick and purchase one of these shampoos.

A reasonable price of shampoo for pregnancy is very helpful to women who cannot afford for expensive hair care products during the pregnancy. Though the cost of this pregnancy safe shampoo is affordable, this shampoo is rich in quality as expected by every user. You may be a beginner to the most recent collection of the shampoos and other hair care products recommended because pregnancy safe nature. You can read honest reviews of all these products and take note of testimonials from real users of these products. Then, you will get enough assistance and ensure about the successful approach to pick and order the pregnancy safe shampoo as per your requirements.

How Can I Keep My Hair Healthy During Pregnancy?

Compare and narrow down pregnancy safe shampoos

Women who have free time to take care of their hair during the pregnancy period can use the nature based hair care products. If they suffer from the dandruff, then they can make use of the Aloe Vera. Natural and powerful antifungal properties of Aloe Vera give the best solution for the dandruff problem. Moisturising nature of the Aloe Vera gives the maximum comfort for all users. A strong soothing effect of the Aloe Vera on the skin supports pregnant women to take care of their scalp and get rid of dandruff and its related problems. Cleansing enzymes present in the brim of the Aloe Vera safely remove the dandruff cells from the scalp. Many people with expertise in the pregnancy safe shampoos nowadays suggest the shampoo which includes Aloe Vera as one of the main ingredients.

Enhancing the health of the hair and skin is very important for men and women of every age group. If you are pregnant and willing to enhance your health and be happy all through the pregnancy, then you have to be conscious about your diet plan, exercise program, lifestyle and personal grooming items especially shampoos and hair conditioners.  You have to choose and use the first-class shampoos made of ingredients which never harm users at any time. You can discuss with experts in the top brands of hair care products to be aware of the pregnancy safe products on time.

Find and use the appropriate shampoo

All users of the pregnancy shampoo are safe and satisfied. They feel comfortable and confidence to use this shampoo during the pregnancy. This is because all ingredients of this shampoo are safe for their scalp, hair, skin and growing baby. New and regular users of the first-class and pregnancy safe shampoos these days get 100% satisfaction. They are confident to recommend this shampoo to others. They get a good improvement in their way to take care of their hair and scalp’s health as expected.

How Often Should You Wash Natural 4c Hair in Order to Maintain Its Health?

Hair is a part of the human beauty that is not to be ignored. You should always take care of your hair because they are the ones that are responsible for making you beautiful. There are lots of types of hair like silky, smooth, rough, or type 4C that are curly and shrink. You should know what kind of hair you have so that you can take the right care of them as there is specialized care for hair of type 4C.

If you are having a 4C type of hair, then you should use the best shampoo and conditioner for type 4C hair so that your naturally curly hair can get nourishment. There are various people who have 4c type hair naturally, and there is no one faults in this, but on the other hand, if they are not taking care of it, then it is absolutely their fault. You should immediately contact the doctor after finding out the type of your hair so that you can get to know about the remedies you should work on in order to make your hair healthy again.

How Often Should You Wash Natural 4c Hair?

You should know how often you should wash your hair so that you should not get your hair damaged at all. We can convert your hair into shiny and silky as you just have to work on providing nourishment to it and oil massage is a way in which you can provide nourishment.

How and when should 4C type hair be washed?

If you are having doubt about washing your type 4C hair, then you will get to know how and when you should watch it in the article. First of all, you should buy the best shampoo and conditioner for type 4C hair that can help you with washing your hair perfectly. You should not wash your hair regularly as it can dry up your already dried hair, and thus your hair will shrink more than before. Instead of washing, you should do a deep conditioning so that your hair can grow well and get nourished well than before. You can do deep conditioning twice in a month as you should do it once in two weeks. There is a complete process to be followed in deep conditioning your hair, and also, on the other hand, you can easily get to regain the health of your hair.

Why is it essential to take care of washing hair?

Hair is the most delicate part of the body, and if you want to have better health of your hair, then you should take care of it on a regular basis. You should use the best shampoo and conditioner for type 4C hair so that it can have a better ingredient that will be good for your hair. You can also use the best hair products while washing.

There are some people who uses bad hair products, and also they do not have an idea of how often they should wash their hair, and thus, it results in converting smooth and silky hair to type 4C hair. You should not wash your hair every day as it will result in pulling out the nourishment from your hair, which can directly result in dryness in your hair. Nourishment is the backbone of the hair, and you should provide it to your hair in order to make it better.

Oiling before washing

You should not directly wash your hair as you should do an oil massage so that your hairs can soak the nutrients from the oil. You should keep it for at least 1-2 hrs, and then you should go for the hair wash. There are the steps you should follow in order to get better nourishment as you should use conditioner at the time of washing it is because it will help in deep conditioning. It will provide the oil nutrients to your hair by opening up the pores of your hair. This is an essential step you should take care of while washing your hair as it will help in enhancing the health of your hair, and thus you can easily come to see the change.

You have to be patience and consistency

If you want to improve the health of your natural type 4C hair, then it is essential to be patient after using the best shampoo and conditioner for type 4C hair. It is because you won’t be able to see results overnight as your hair and the hair product requires time to start working on. Your hair needs time to get nourished as so you need to be consistency, and also, on the other hand, you should wash it after regular intervals, not before or not after. It is because your hair should not get delayed in getting nourished, and also, on the other hand, it will help in enhancing the health of your hair faster than ever. Thus patience and consistency will help you in noticing the results faster than ever, and you can get your silky and smooth hair back.

How best shampoo and conditioner is essential in washing?

You can get to have lots of shampoos and conditioners for your hair, but if you want better ingredients that should be healthy for your hair, then you should go for the best shampoo and conditioner for type 4C hair. You should not trust blindly, as you should always check out the ingredients first. If the ingredients are good, then the shampoo is also good for you, and you can easily get to wash your hair by nourishing it.

In a nutshell, it is concluded that the best shampoo and conditioner for type 4c hair is required in order to wash up your hair. It will help in washing your hair and providing nutrients to it so that your hair can grow well and smooth than before. Thus, you can easily get to see the results in your hair, but you should always keep one thing in mind that is, you should not wash it daily as you should only wash your hair twice a month.

Does Moisturizer Work?

You simply love looking after yourself. You decide to eat healthy and well balanced meal and jog numerous miles every day and struck the gym when you get tired from running. Do both Pilates and yoga and you select to take in a number of supplements to enhance your body immune system. Not just that, you keep yourself clean.

You take a bath day-to-day and like every other girl out there, you purchase from beauty items that will assist keep you younger and radiant. For many years, you find it a fantastic issue when picking the very best facial moisturizer that is suitable for you. You conclude that it is an essential item that will embody not just your beauty however also your health.

Moisturizing your face may seem like an unnecessary inconvenience, especially if your skin does not feel dry to begin with. People with oily and acne vulnerable skin frequently avoid this important action on their skin care regimens. Did you know that moisturizer is really a vital component if you want your skin to be happy?

Moisturizer Advantages

Utilizing a moisturizer frequently can assist keep fine lines away, and offer the look of more youthful skin.

Many moisturizers exceed hydrating active ingredients. They have other active components to perk worn out skin and make it look plumper and more youthful. A night moisturizer may consist of Vitamin A derivatives to assist skin texture and tone. An early morning one might consist of Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants to liven up skin and battle contamination damage.

A Japanese moisturizer will also seal any previous treatment cosmetic you have used to your skin. It functions as the ending up aspect of your beauty regimen, guaranteeing that the active skin care toners and serums you simply used have time to work.

Not All Moisturizers Are Creams

Moisturizer Advantages

The majority of people who say they do not like moisturizer are really utilizing one without knowing. Not all moisturizers are creams!

There are many natural moisturizers in the market that get rid of mineral oils, preservatives and other chemicals that may aggravate skin. At the same time, lighter formulas that offer longer enduring hydration keep entering the market.

Moisturizer and your Makeup Regimen

Healthy, hydrated skin is a far better canvas for makeup. You may find that you require less structure or concealer if your skin is effectively hydrated. The pattern for no-makeup makeup begins with radiant, healthy skin which implies utilizing moisturizer and hydrating masks as a base.

If you feel that your moisturizer is making your structure slip off, you may need to use a guide. Or a minimum of wait 5 minutes for the moisturizer to be soaked up by your skin before you use makeup.

It really pays a lot when you take some time in checking out the labels because this is among the most vital actions in making your option. Keep in mind that normally creams hold more weight than their moisturizing cream equivalents, so you can decide to select a cream when you want a light weight item.

It is also excellent to consider this option, know whether your selected moisturizer consists of any exfoliating ingredients. Most facial moisturizers have salicylic acids and retinol as part of their active ingredients. The stated components are expected to be handy in dealing with acne by boosting cell turnover. A word of care to think about however, some of these exfoliating ingredients can increase flaking and peeling, and may also aggravate your skin so it is extremely suggested to look for the aid of your skin specialist.

There Is No One-Size Fits All Moisturizer

There are people who hand down moisturizer because they feel it makes their skin oily, or makes them break out. This is typically due to utilizing a moisturizer that is too abundant for your skin type. Someone with oily skin must be utilizing an oil-free, mattifying moisturizer rather.

Consider your primary skin issues and personal choices before overlooking moisturizing entirely. If you do not like the sensation of whipping creams, pick a cream or perhaps a light oil such as squalane oil.

Without hydrating, your skin care regimen will feel insufficient. Hydrating safeguards your skin natural barrier that avoids outside components from hurting it. Without a Japanese moisturizer, your skin is delegated look after itself against cold, contamination and dry air. This can trigger pain and early aging.

Using your cosmetic items in the best skin care regular order is key to take advantage of them. If you use your moisturizer too early, it will avoid lighter items such as serums and toners from being taken in by the skin properly.


Now that you are geared up with the knowledge on how to pick the ideal face moisturizer, it is time to test your newly found knowledge on how to select the ideal moisturizer suitable for you.

How to Prevent Psoriasis on Scalp?

Psoriasis is a type of chronic and auto-immune condition and it affects your scalp, where this can be of unsightly and frustrating one that results in flaking and redness. In which the psoriasis will also make your scalp to be always be itchy where this is a worse than the dandruff as it is also gives you more pain. Fortunately there is an easy way to get rid of this symptoms and make your scalp free from the psoriasis is used to use the best shampoo for psoriasis.

According to the American academy of the dermatology the scalp psoriasis can cause the dandruff and red patches like bleeding, itchiness, flakes, burning sensation and even this may lead to conditional hair loss. It necessitates the different kinds of approach for providing the treatment to the psoriasis on the skin. While the scalp is still found to be the skin where it is thicker and hair can get in the way and it is the important thing to address it differently for finding the best shampoo product to get rid of from this psoriasis problem.

Dealing with the scalp psoriasis

The main cause of the scalp psoriasis issue is that it is similar to those that cause the skin psoriasis. It can be caused by the genetic defects that attack the immune system of your body. The new skin cells will be formed quickly on the scalp while the old ones will not shed in which there are also many environmental factors that can trigger the scalp psoriasis problem that causes the hair loss. By using the right and perfect shampoo according to your hair type you avoid your scalp psoriasis problem. Aside from using the right and best shampoo for psoriasis there also other tricks and tips that will prove the effective when addressing your scalp psoriasis issue.

Tricks & Tips

  • One of the ways to treat the scalp psoriasis is through the exposure to the ultraviolet lights with the right wavelength which is about 313 nm. However it is found to be very difficult one if you have thick hair.
  • There are also medications that can be taken orally or injected, although they are also recommended only in the severe cases of the scalp psoriasis. Some of the oral drugs that are prescribed for this psoriasis include cyclosporine, apremilast, methotrexate and acitretin. Meanwhile the drugs that can be injected include the etanercept and adalimumab.
  • Usage of cream can also deal with the scalp psoriasis and particularly which is enclosed with steroids. However the crisis is that the psoriasis is greasy and they make thee hair to look oily.
  • Taking the food and supplements that are rich in Vitamin D then it will also help to get rid of the scalp psoriasis where the Vitamin D calms the immune system to make the skin cells to grow well at a normal rate. This will create your hair plaques less scaly and leaner and allows the hair to grow healthy and stronger.
  • If you have scalp psoriasis then don’t remove the flakes on the scalp by your hands in which removing the flakes by your hand can tempt you to do this especially when it is unsightly, uncomfortable and itchy. However, eradicating the flakes can only annoy the scalp and this will lead to be the scalp psoriasis problem worse than ever before.


In addition to the above things it is also very important to take note that most of the scalp psoriasis problem is caused due to number of factors where this can be avoided just by choosing the best shampoo for psoriasis that is available on the market. There are number of shampoo brands are available in the market where they all provide you the best effective solution in avoiding your scalp psoriasis problem. It is responsibility to find and choose the best psoriasis shampoo product according to your hair type only then you can get the best result and outcome for your scalp psoriasis problem. Use the best shampoo for psoriasis with the unique formulation to have a better result. With just doing few hair washes with the psoriasis shampoo you can say good bye to your irritating symptoms of the scalp psoriasis.

How to Prevent Oily Hair?

At present, many mens are suffering from oily hair and think about how to use the best men’s shampoo for oily hair. They do not have to try all men’s shampoo brands in order to prevent oily hair. This is because they can focus on the following details explaining some brands of shampoos recommended for oily hair. Men with oily hair have some grease in their hair. They have to properly filter and remove such grease. They can read more articles and unbiased reviews of shampoos known for their nature to remove the grease from their oily hair.

Argan oil shampoo for oily hair

Argan oil shampoo for oily hair


This shampoo is a strong shampoo and capable of safely strengthening every strand of hair. If you suffer from hair loss and oily hair related problems, then you make use of this shampoo. This is because this shampoo has the best stuff to avoid possibilities of hair strand to break up and enhance the hair growth. Users of this shampoo can prevent their hair from the environmental damage. They are happy to make use of this shampoo and reap benefits from its premium protein building elements used to make hair shiny looking and strong. Men who regularly use this shampoo can get dark and slick hair as expected.

Degrease Shampoo

Degrease Shampoo

Sufferers of oily scalp and oily hair can make use of this shampoo as per guidelines and get the most expected result. This shampoo prevents its users from scratching their head over and over. Advanced natural things in this product support the hair to look natural and strong. Natural chemicals in this product assist every user to wash away the dirt and also built up gel stuck in the oily hair. Users of this shampoo these days get rid of annoying white dots and enhance the overall health of their hair. They reap benefits from the hair cleaning materials in this shampoo. They are satisfied with the convenient method to use this shampoo to remove dead skin cells from the scalp and enhance the new hair growth. They recommend this well-balanced and clean shampoo to likeminded men in their network.

Balancing Shampoo

Balancing Shampoo

This shampoo is made of the best materials such as anti-fungus materials and used to clean all dirt in the head. This shampoo is 100% natural and known by its no side effects to every user. The clarifying rosemary in this shampoo prevents the hair from smelling bad and wearing down. If you have begun properly using this shampoo, then you can get rid of greasy hair and make your hair well balanced.


Amaze is the best shampoo designed for men with the oily hair and itchy scalp. Users of this blue oil get the most outstanding improvement in their hair health. This is because a good combination of natural oils in this shampoo. Some of the best things in this product are basil, jojoba, basil and natural oils. Nature’s best chemicals in this product make the hair smooth and silk.

Lemon saja oily hair shampoo

Lemon saja oily hair shampoo

Men with thick and oily hair nowadays get much difficulty to maintain their hair at a good condition and improve their hair growth further. They can read more about this product which includes the lemon oil. The lemon has the best stuff to remove excess oil in the hair. If you use this product on a regular basis, then you can get more than expected enhancement in the overall appearance of your hair. You will get 100% satisfaction from an array of benefits of properly using this product.  You will be confident to suggest this shampoo to your family members and friends who seek how to treat oily hair problems without any negative side effect.

7 Steps to Caring for Braid & Twist Extensions

If you’re like me, Protective styling is your number one choice for growing your hair. When the hair is in braids or twists (and weaves, manipulation is low — which means better growth and retention. As we know, retention is important! Here are the “7 Steps to Caring for Braid & Twist Extensions.”

1. Prep your hair by deep conditioning
Before you get to twisting/braiding, make sure you deep condition your hair first. Choose your favorite deep conditioner for the treatment. I usually go with a cholesterol-based conditioner (Queen Helene Super Cholesterol Conditioning Cream). Why? Fats, oils, and cholesterol are great for the hair strand since they help the hair absorb more moisture.

2. Braiding/twisting the hair
When you’re braiding or twisting your hair, make sure that you use less braiding hair for the hairline. The hairline is very delicate and too much of the braiding hair can put a lot of stress on it. As for the rest of your hair, don’t braid/twist too tight. Tension on the scalp can cause growth retardation (lack of or slow hair growth).

3. Washing braid & twist extensions
Every two weeks, wash and condition your braids/twists. Make sure to dilute your shampoo and conditioner with water (50/50). When washing, pour the mixture over your braids/twists and scalp, let it sit for a few minutes, rinse, and repeat with the conditioner mix. When you finish, blot the excess water out with a t-shirt (T-shirts absorb more water, which means faster drying).

4. Moisturizing & oiling
To keep your hair soft and supple, it is imperative that you moisturize a few times a week (2 times a week is the minimum). Oiling the scalp with a natural oil (Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, etc) can also help.

5. Re-do your hairline, nape, and sides every 2-3 weeks
While you don’t necessarily have to re-do the nape and sides, re-doing the hairline is important. As mentioned in Step 2, the hairline is fragile, so as it grows, the added hair puts a lot of weight on it. Re-doing the hairline will help save your hairline from breakage!

6. Protect your hair nightly
Even though your hair is braids/twists, you still have to protect it at night. Sleep with a satin/silk scarf every night!

7. Taking down braid & twist extensions
After taking out your braids, make sure you detangle your hair thoroughly. Detangle with your fingers and then a detangling comb/brush. Afterward, deep condition with a conditioner of your choice (I would go with the one I use in Step 1). You can either let your hair breathe for a week or two or you can go back into extensions. Your choice. Most opt for letting the hair breathe, but some go back into braids.

Remember to always keep extensions in for a maximum of two months.

Twist Extension Suggestions
Janet Collection Afro Marley Braid
Janet Collection Afro Kinky

Braid Extension Suggestions
Deni Cali Jumbo Braid
Janet Collection Jumbo Braid

Product Suggestions
Queen Helene Super Cholesterol Conditioning Cream
Lekair Cholesterol Plus Strengthening Conditioning Cream
Luster’s S-Curl Moisturizer/Activator
African Royale BRX Braid Spray
Coconut Oil
Jojoba Oil

TCHD’s Guide to Healthy Relaxed Hair

We all desire longer, stronger, and healthier hair. But how many of us actually get to the hair length we desire? I will give you the best tips I can to help you on your hair journey.

Get a hair cut!

If you’re new to the hair care game, I suggest getting a trim to clip off those damaged ends so that you can have a fresh start. Holding on to hair with split ends is just asking for trouble!

Shampoo once (or twice) a week.

It is essential that you shampoo at least once a week with a moisturizing shampoo. Shampooing less can actually make the hair drier and more prone to breakage.

Condition your hair.

After shampooing, it’s important to put some moisture back in those tresses.

Deep condition after EVERY wash!

No matter your hair type, deep conditioning is a MUST! No ifs, ands, or buts. If possible, always do so with a plastic cap and under a dryer for 15-20 minutes. Why? This allows the deep conditioner to penetrate the inner layers of the hair strand. If you rather not sit under a dryer, you can DC without heat for 45-60 minutes or overnight. You can use either a moisturizing conditioner or moisturizing and protein conditioner mixed together.

Always use a leave-in.

Doing so will reduce breakage, moisturize the hair, and of course reduce tangles. Another thing, if you air dry, it helps a bunch!

Reduce heat usage.

Excessive use of heat causes damage. Plain and simple. But if you MUST use heat, keep it to a minimum. Once a month should suffice. Also, make sure your hot tools are ionic! And always, always, always USE A HEAT PROTECTANT!

Clarify/chelate once a month.

Products buildup on the hair after a while so these special types of shampoos eliminate the residue which means your products will in turn keep working. Unlike clarifying shampoos which only rid the hair of surface buildup, chelating shampoos go deeper and remove nearly ALL the buildup.

Use a Reconstructor once a month.

Reconstructors are designed to temporarily fill in the gaps in the hair shaft. They also realign and seal the cuticle while restoring elasticity to the hair.

Detangle the RIGHT way.

From ends to roots. Make sure you do so in sections to minimize breakage. And make sure you use a wide-toothed comb only.

Moisturize AND seal daily or every other day.

Moisturizing the hair keeps it nice and soft which means more manageable hair. Sealing, which is just rubbing a little bit of natural oil (Coconut, Jojoba, or Olive) on the hair after moisturizing, keeps the moisture in place.

Massage your scalp DAILY!

I can’t stress the importance of scalp massages. Scalp massaging increases the hair growth by 5%. When you massage your scalp, you’re allowing blood to flow to the scalp which promotes hair growth.

Keep your hair protected at night.

Before bed, make sure you tie your up with a SATIN OR SILK scarf. Cotton scarves suck the moisture right out of your hair.

Wear protective styles!

This isn’t mandatory, but it does help. Keeping your up and away from your clothes keeps your hair from rubbing against them, which means less breakage. You can rock ponytails, buns, braids, sew-ins, etc.

Avoid hair things that DAMAGE your hair.

Fine-toothed combs, ponytail holders with metal bands, rubberbands, the list goes on. Just stick with a wide-toothed comb and metal-free ponytail holders.


Do not for any reason relax your whole hair (unless it’s a virgin relaxer). Make sure you also keep your already processed hair protected with petroleum jelly or a natural oil.

Take your vitamins.

If your diet isn’t so healthy, I recommend you take vitamins like Iron, B-complex, Biotin, or MSM. These vitamins are great for hair growth. You can always buy a multivitamin or a supplement designed for hair.

Drink WATER!

Make sure you drink at least 48-64 ounces worth of water daily. By doing so, you are removing toxins from your body which means healthier hair AND scalp. Not to mention healthier skin all over.

Take pictures!

Keeping track of your hair allows you to see how much it has improved.

Transitioning? Stretching? Helpful Tips!

What is the most difficult part of transitioning/stretching? Keeping the new growth soft and manageable of course! We here at TCHD present you with some awesome product suggestions that can help you along your transition or stretch:

Hair Rules™ Quench Deep Conditioner

This daily, ultra-rich conditioning and softening treatment promotes suppleness, manageability and shine in parched, spongy, frizzy and lackluster hair. Formulated with honey and glycerin to enhance moisture penetration, protect against breakage and encourage hair’s natural tendency to curl. Super-conditioning Shea butter, coconut and olive oils, with extracts of avocado and jojoba keeps kinky, curly and wavy hair healthy and lustrous.

Hair Rules™ Kinky Curling Cream

This amazing, ultra-moisturizing curling cream transforms spongy ‘fro and kinks into bouncy, luscious spirals, simply and effortlessly. Stretches and defines tightly wound tresses without chemical or thermal manipulation. Eliminates shrinkage and banishes frizz in a single step for wash-and-go results.

Curls™ “Transitioning Diva” Kit

This kit is packed with four products designed to ease the stress of transitioning. It includes a sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, a moisturizer (with Sunscreen!), and of course a finishing cream that has ingredients to help soften the line of demarcation.

Mizani™ Thermasmooth

THERMASMOOTH is MIZANI’s Salon-Exclusive Synergistic Smoothing System designed to smooth, treat and protect hair throughout its 4 step process. With serious consideration of the effects of heat on hair, it is critical that conditioners protect against breakage and internal moisture lost. MIZANI, the global leader in hair conditioning treatment technology for excessively curly hair continues to lead the healthy hair charge with the new innovative technology of C3 SMOOTHING COMPLEX – Ceramides, coconut oil and Cationic Polymers, that offer weightless protection for long-lasting, frizz-free, smooth style.

How to: The Frohawk

Step 1

Wet hair and add a leave-in or moisturizer. I make sure that my hair is pretty damp and stretched to make the frohawk bigger.

Step 2

Brush side of hair or smooth with hand. I prefer to brush my hair down with my detangling brush.

Step 3

Pin the hair down with bobby pins, barrettes, or hair clips. For my frohawk, I use about four hair clips on each side. Make sure you use small ones!

Step 4

Repeat steps 2 & 3 with the other side.

P.R: Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade

Overall Rating: Great! (9/10)

Product Name: Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade
Price Range: $10 (4 oz)
Company: Oyin Handmade (
Catch Phrase: Does your hair love oils? Our “Burnt Sugar” Pomade is a nourishing all-vegetable pomade and styling product named for the uniquely translucent, shimmery quality of warm, homemade caramel.

This blend of oils, butters, and veggie waxes acts as a humectant and protectant for hair, increasing shine to a high glossy sheen and locking in moisture. It’s packed with essential fatty acids to nourish scalp, and actually sinks into your hair and skin for a long lasting, non-greasy feeling. It’s great for braids, imparts shine and moisture to loose hair, brushes nicely into the hairline for a glossy finish, and adds luster to locks!

Contains virgin coconut cream, mango oil, and hempseed oil in a base of nourishing castor oil. Lightly fragranced with a subtly sweet fragrance that is appropriate for both men and women.

I bought this on after reading the good reviews on it. I decided to use it after my daily co-washes to help stretch my hair. It works like a charm! I don’t even have to reapply everyday. It really adds weight to your hair and keeps it weighed down until you shampoo it out. I do suggest you not glob it on since it leaves a bit of a residue until it dries completely. The only problem I had with the pomade was the smell. It really is overwhelming after a few uses.
Ingredients: Castor oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, organic virgin coconut oil,mango seed oil, unrefined hempseed oil, cocoa butter, broccoli seed oil, fragrance, & love